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Vatti´s Weinblog: Von nassen Füßen und einem Happy-End!

Vatti's wine blog: from wet feet and a happy ending!

Riesling harvest in St. Maximiner Kreuzberg 


Now I got my receipt for more than 30 years, just as a journalist to be present in the vineyard at the reading. As of now, I never appear as a harvest assistant without rubber boots with a grape harvest or I invest a little more money in really waterproof footwear. Again, I do not do six hours in the green vineyard with wet socks at just over six degrees in the morning mist.

Wimps! - Could think many now, but if you have only made photos or videos with a reading, it is indeed fault yourself of having prepared little for the final in an ecologically managed vineyard. The communicative teamwork between still yellow, blooming student flowers and herbal plants, which are weaned with morning dew, is a lot of fun. A reading assistant on the left and one on the right side of the vine and off into the steeplace. Snip, snap and always pay attention to only healthy reading in the bucket! Enter the full buckets and keep the connection to the rest of the team.

Worth a sin - to try the sweet juice of the grapes 

Yes, the temptation is great to bite again and again into these golden yellow grapes that taste so wonderfully juicy and sweet in the mouth. No matter, this little "sin" must be. The sugar in the grapes also helps to recharge your batteries for further reading. Sometimes at the bottom, sometimes in the middle or at the top of the vineyard, there are actually differences in taste in the St. Maximiner Kreuzberg on the Bethanien monastery. A sensual snapshot that is increased when the sun's rays dissolve the last fog field. The released view of the Trier valley with a bright blue sky: simply priceless! Now just don't let the work distract. Concentration and endurance are required to the last vine line.

The mildew demands its toll in the conversion wine

Too bad just about the many vines that have given the grapes no chance of growth this year due to fungal diseases. In individual vineyards, the bucket is sometimes only half full. On "withdrawal", all vines when switching to ecological viticulture in the first year are without synthetic crop protection and art fertilizers and therefore more susceptible to weather extremes. Somehow it is in some places, as with the Easter egg search in childhood, there is great joy at vineyards, where I find what I find and the bucket fills up faster than expected.

How, we're already done? I am still entirely in these golden yellow grapes through fine sun rays on the vine. Thirteen volunteers read almost 900 kilos of grapes by the afternoon. Only one lunch break in the bright sunshine was enough for regeneration. I could continue for hours, as with a miracle my shoes and socks warmed up during the day. The joy of the four rioting grape letters is large in the team and everyone is satisfied and full of anticipation on their way home. The thoughts are already happy, what a delicious wine will play around in a few months? Definitely a real happy ending for today!