Customers in the Trier city area are supplied free of charge if possible

About us

More than an online shop: a nature conservation project! In fact, PUR Mosel is following the idea of ​​giving nature conservation on the Moselle in connection with the food organic wine. For this reason, in addition to the online shop, there is also the nature conservation project around the Trier St. Maximiner Kreuzberg - as a very special biotope directly in the city of Trier with over 30 years old vines, 2.5 hectares of orchard and three bees. In this way, ecological wine growing is developed and experienced in harmony with nature every week - up close with a lot of passion!

It all started with the love for this unique natural and cultural landscape on the Moselle. We, these are Joachim Molz (53) and Thomas Vatheuer (59). We work as an entrepreneur in Trier. We combine the passion for the wine enjoyment of ecologically produced Moselle wine and we would like to share it with you! Cordial invitation!

Vine pruning in St. Maximiner Kreuzberg

Thomas Vatheuer (left) and Joachim Molz (right).

Vine pruning in St. Maximiner Kreuzberg