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Leidenschaftlich für Veränderung - die Mosel wird BIO
Passionate for change - the Moselle becomes bio

By Joachim Molz on May 04, 2021

`What the fuck´ is organic wine? How do you differentiate between conventional viticulture from ecological viticulture? Facts, facts, facts…. What is biodynamic? When are wines vegan? And why will the ecolo...

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Vattis Weinblog
Vattis Weinblog

By Thomas Vatheuer on May 04, 2021

Understand wine, enjoy wine, love wine ... from the organic winemaker. Weinmundwerker and graduate journalist Thomas Vatheuer tells and asks ... at the winemaker, with wine tourists, with sommeliers and at lay people. He visits romantic Moseldörfer and stands in Riesling parts. Everyone has their say here: insiders and wine groupies, distant exotic and real Moselle oxen.

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2023 - mein zweites komplettes Winzerjahr auf dem Weg zum Trierer BIO-Winzer
2023 - My second complete winemaker year on the way to the Trier Bio -Winzer

By Joachim Molz on Aug 01, 2023

August 1, 2023 - Conclusion: The year 2021 was not a good year due to its permanent moisture to adjust to organic incorporation. Particularly difficult conditions and enormous pressure from fungal diseases l...

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Karl-Marx lässt grüßen – die Spirituosen bei PUR Mosel: Gin, Trester und Likör
Greetings from Karl-Marx-the spirits at PUR Moselle: gin, pomace and liqueur

By Thomas Vatheuer on Dec 03, 2022

  The Pur Moselle umbrella brand has exciting family growth. With the "Karl-Marx Edition", three high-quality spirits are offered: "Bourgeoisie", a Moselle London Dry Gin, "Proletariat", a Moselle Riesling ...

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Von warmen Füßen und Traubengold: Weinlese 2022
Of warm feet and grape gold: Weinlese 2022

By Thomas Vatheuer on Oct 06, 2022

The investment in waterproof professional shoe plant was worth it. From the early hours of the morning - at an outside temperature of 8 degrees - to the first rays of sunshine in the afternoon: warm feet. A ...

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Sommerwein 2022 von PUR Mosel
Summer wine 2022 by Pur Moselle

By Thomas Vatheuer on Jun 02, 2022

So you will find the right wine for outside: Dear red wine drinkers you have to be very strong now! On the sun terrace or the balcony at 25 degrees in the shade, a chilled Riesling tastes better, and ideall...

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PUR Mosel die Exklusiv-Kollektion
PUR Moselle The exclusive collection "Alte vines" 2015-2020 by Franz-Josef Eifel

By Thomas Vatheuer on May 01, 2022

Exclusive PUR Moselle -Vertical sample of six different Riesling wines in the flavor -dry -from six different vintages by organic winemaker Franz -Josef Eifel. Including two vintages, which are among the best in Germany from the "Feinschmecker" wine magazine.

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Sommelier Marian Henß presents our wines on YouTube

By Thomas Vatheuer on Jan 04, 2022

Online wine samples with sommelier Marian Henß On our YouTube channel we now offer you wine presentations by Sommelier Marian Henß (Purs Andernach). We start with the Rinke winery: 2018 Langsurer Brüderberg...

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Interview: Christina Andrae eine Jungwinzerin geht ihren Weg
Interview: Christina Andrae A young winner goes her way

By Thomas Vatheuer on Dec 17, 2021

In 2017, Christina Andrae's organic house was launched in addition to the parents' company in Ernst on the Terrassenmosel. After studying wine and work in various wineries (organic and not organic), Christin...

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PUR Mosel ONLINE Weinprobe mit Sommelier Marian Henß am 6. Februar 2022
Pur Moselle online wine tasting with sommelier Marian Henß on February 6, 2022

By Thomas Vatheuer on Nov 05, 2021

  Experience our online wine tasting with the Sommelier Marian Henß. Marian Henß is a far -riot sommelier who was able to get to know the wine world nationally and internationally. With an eye for authentici...

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Persönliches, Potentiale und Perspektiven - ein Interview mit Sommelier Marian Henß zum Thema „Biowein“
Personal, potential and perspectives - an interview with Sommelier Marian Henß on the subject of "Biowein"

By Thomas Vatheuer on Oct 20, 2021

Marian Henß is a far -riot sommelier who was able to get to know the wine world nationally and internationally. With an eye for authenticity and origin as well as the view of sensible use of the Natur resour...

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Vatti´s Weinblog: Von nassen Füßen und einem Happy-End!
Vatti's wine blog: from wet feet and a happy ending!

By Thomas Vatheuer on Oct 12, 2021

Riesling harvest in St. Maximiner Kreuzberg    Now I got my receipt for more than 30 years, just as a journalist to be present in the vineyard at the reading. As of now, I never appear as a harvest assistant...

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Leinen los zur 1. Bioweinprobe auf der Mosel
Linen to the 1st biocine test on the Moselle

By Thomas Vatheuer on Sep 20, 2021

Special wine enjoyment with music on the ship  Trier. A premiere celebrates the first test of biowins on the Moselle on October 29th. and on December 3rd. On the excursion ship of the Kolb brothers. A select...

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Vatti`s Weinblog: Schmeckt BIO-Wein anders?
Vatti`s wine blog: Does organic wine taste different?

By Thomas Vatheuer on Aug 09, 2021

"Yes!", My short answer. Do some readers now think good also taste good wines from conventional cultivation? That is also true. Only the wine from our winegrowers on the Moselle has these advantages: I like ...

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