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Vatti`s Weinblog: Schmeckt BIO-Wein anders?

Vatti`s wine blog: Does organic wine taste different?

"Yes!", My short answer. Do some readers now think good also taste good wines from conventional cultivation? That is also true. Only the wine from our winegrowers on the Moselle has these advantages: I like it well and somehow I mean, with age, these wines are very digestible and ecologically produced. The latter is an essential point if we want to preserve and experience nature without complications in the future.

For me, important information is also part of it. These organic wines have a high level of pleasure. Whether Riesling or Burgundy, they first surprise on the nose and then on the tongue. Even after the first sip, the head cinema works with the scene: "Flavors that you don't forget so quickly". This variety of fruits, herbs, spices and even more, are already revealed when smelling. The pleasure path is continued when drinking. The tongue is especially in the edges to the left and right and the "drinking flow" gets going. The proverbial water in the mouth runs together in particular. Of course, this is always a subjective overall picture, but many self -experiments help on the way to enjoying wine.

Open up to the organic wine and its philosophy

If you get more detailed on the PUR Moselle homepage about the individual winemakers and your vineyards, you will find the reason for the selection of these wines. Our winegrowers give their wines a regional character. From nature supports with elaborate “manual work” and with the floors in the vineyards. Very often in the steep slope. For me, this also includes the companies that are in the three -year conversion process to ecological viticulture. Because everyone has one goal: give back the floor more than to see it. What sounds simple at first takes place in a “habitat” below and directly on earth. Everything starts here. In a handful of earth from a organic wine mountain, more microorganisms can be found than people live on earth, so a often cited comparison.

Flowering habitat vineyard 

Our winemakers create their own habitats in their vineyards. They work with a species -appropriate blooming greening in the “above -ground” and “underground”. They offer an ecological balance with natural humus build-up as well as the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical-synthetic substances. Especially in this warm and warm summer a very exhausting path in crop protection.

It is time to quote a real enjoyment expert with a musical background: "The whole nature is a melody in which a deep harmony is hidden (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)." So much for today and see you on the way to further exciting pleasure trips with PUR Moselle.

(Photo: Marco Piecuch)