Customers in the Trier city area are supplied free of charge if possible

Leinen los zur 1. Bioweinprobe auf der Mosel

Linen to the 1st biocine test on the Moselle

Special wine enjoyment with music on the ship 

Trier. A premiere celebrates the first test of biowins on the Moselle on October 29th. and on December 3rd. On the excursion ship of the Kolb brothers. A selection of four excellent biowages and a sparkling wine, plus an entertaining moderation with the wine mouthwerk Thomas Vatheuer and a musical guest are part of the floating program. At the start, on October 29th. The well -known Trier DJ Dominique Koch and on December 3rd. The Trier songwriter Andreas Sittmann accompanies the biocine test on the Moselle with live music.

Tickets are available in advance for 29.50 euros (including a advance booking fee) online

As well as in Trier at the Kolb brothers on the Zurlaubener bank and in the Tourist Information Trier on the Porta-Nigra. Access takes place with the 2-G rule for vaccinated or recovered.

The organizer is PUR Moselle. The new umbrella brand has been offering regional wine and sparkling wine from ecological cultivation and operations in eco-certification since May. Pur Moselle also pursues the idea of ​​giving nature conservation on the Moselle in connection with the food bioWein food. For this reason, in addition to the online shop, there is also a nature conservation project around a vineyard at the Trier monastery in Bethanien in the St. Maximiner Kreuzberg. A special biotope is cultivated with over 30 years old vines, a orchard and five bee colonies.