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Leinen los zur 1. Bioweinprobe auf der Mosel
Linen to the 1st biocine test on the Moselle

By Thomas Vatheuer on Sep 20, 2021

Special wine enjoyment with music on the ship  Trier. A premiere celebrates the first test of biowins on the Moselle on October 29th. and on December 3rd. On the excursion ship of the Kolb brothers. A select...

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Vatti`s Weinblog: Schmeckt BIO-Wein anders?
Vatti`s wine blog: Does organic wine taste different?

By Thomas Vatheuer on Aug 09, 2021

"Yes!", My short answer. Do some readers now think good also taste good wines from conventional cultivation? That is also true. Only the wine from our winegrowers on the Moselle has these advantages: I like ...

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Wanted! BIO-Winzer und Umstellungsbetriebe gesucht!
Wanted! Looking for organic winemakers and conversion companies!

By Joachim Molz on May 05, 2021

Pur Moselle is not a sales portal for South African red wines, Chinese Merlots or Palatinate Rieslings. Here is only Moselle - fully on the twelve. Pur Moselle wants to be a platform for ecologically produci...

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Heute: Bildergeschichten aus dem Weingut Steffens-Keß - ein Online-Tagebuch
Today: picture stories from the Steffens-Keß winery-an online diary

By Thomas Vatheuer on Jan 28, 2021

.. Winner Harald Steffens from Reil has been writing stories about the "winemaker" every month for 15 years. We bring excerpts and present other authors.

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