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Heute: Bildergeschichten aus dem Weingut Steffens-Keß - ein Online-Tagebuch

Today: picture stories from the Steffens-Keß winery-an online diary

Winner Harald Steffens from Reil has been writing stories about the "winemaker" every month for 15 years. We bring excerpts and present other authors:

"Coronabed we had to do without the grand finale rehearsal of the new wines with the Steffens-Keß Teuster team. Unfortunately ... As a replacement, there were several" final sponsors "in the small circle.

First sorted out a rough sorting. With some wines it was clear in advance how they were used. In this way, the wines to be tried could be reduced and the length of stay of the tasters in the trial room.

First the chief cellar master came and we sorted the wines by quality. At a later hour - the wines were at room temperature and had received some atmospheric oxygen - we tried. Two days later the next wine tasting with two other friends.

The 2020 Rieslings could be placed in a qualitative order very quickly. Except for the wine, which was intended for the Rieslingsect, there were no discussions about the qualitative classification. A good year, filigree and elegant. The quality is very good, fresh fruit, elegant and juicy. The alcohol content as always moderately, so that they can be referred to as fun wines again. We are satisfied! ... "


Sequel follows....