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Karl-Marx lässt grüßen – die Spirituosen bei PUR Mosel: Gin, Trester und Likör

Greetings from Karl-Marx-the spirits at PUR Moselle: gin, pomace and liqueur


The Pur Moselle umbrella brand has exciting family growth. With the "Karl-Marx Edition", three high-quality spirits are offered: "Bourgeoisie", a Moselle London Dry Gin, "Proletariat", a Moselle Riesling pomace and "doctrine", a Moselle herbs liqueur. Pur Moselle founder Joachim Molz implemented this long cherished idea. 

If you take a closer look at the bottle labels, you will also notice the trilingual spelling of the titles for the spirits in addition to the silhouette of Karl-Marx (implemented by Rainer Molz). Joachim, will Pur Mosel now refracing completely new markets with the Karl-Marx Edition?

Yes, why not think more international. Marx also looked outside the box. Fun aside: The tourist is looking for something special in merchandising around Trier, Marx and in general. And since we always meet the Eastern European friends and many Asians with the Karl - Marx Tourism, a translation with Cyrillic and Chinese characters made sense.

Why now three times Marx in a prank, what connects PUR Moselle and Karl-Marx?

If so, it should be an edition. That was clear pretty quickly. And yes, the neighborhood of my vineyard to the Marx family vineyard was of course a daily tangible presence from which I wanted to make something to revitalize the memory. The Marx family also had a garden in the Trier district of Kürzen in addition to the vineyard - more than just grapes. This has developed additional ideas.

With three different spirits, will different target groups also be addressed in the future?

Of course this is also one reason: one wants this, the other prefers that. Another spirits connoisseur wants everything. But I quickly noticed that many of my customers have an openness to all three directions. And if there is no reason to limit itself to a product, then I wanted to all in a prank. And a fourth product will be created next year - but I will not tell you more!

How did these extraordinary titles for the high -proof products come about: "Bourgeoisie", "Proletariat" and "doctrine" and also translated into Russian and Chinese?

The intensive exchange with friends ultimately left three keywords from a mass of terms around Marx and the communist manifesto. "Proletariat" was the first blast term that fitted to the pomace in no way. The "bourgeoisie" as a counterpoint to the workforce and lower class was quickly found. "Doctrine" as a pun with "Dok" and the associated healing effect of our herbs in the liqueur was the freestyle in the search for the word search.

"Gin is in," says all clubs, bars and restaurants across Germany and even worldwide. What distinguishes the Moselle London Dry Gin?

Well, in fact we are guided by the high quality standard at the "London Dry" and, on the other hand, gain the herbs or so -called "botanicals" from the vineyards and gardens of the Middle Moselle. Since we will now also generate the very pure alcohol, we will soon offer a 100 percent ecological gin certified - there is very rare.

Pur Mosel founder Joachim Molz invented the Karl-Marx Edition for gin, pomace and liqueur.

How do you prefer to drink your gin?

In memory of my very first gin almost only with good tonic - done, at that time we were sitting in the hotel bar in Prague and thinking about whether we should run out of the west or stay. Chernobyl had just flown up nearby. We stayed-and drank a few more gin tonic.

Mosel Riesling Trester has a long tradition here in viticulture, here too the quality is in the foreground at "Proletariat"?

Absolutely! Pomace is nothing more than a "Moselle Grappa". I always annoyed me that in many Italian restaurants after eating there is always such a bad grappa "on the house". Our pomace is expanded in the sound and wooden barrel for two years, is very soft and brings a subtle sweet reserve. In comparison, almost every grappa stretches the sensors and can hardly keep up there.

How do you like the Moselle herbal liqueur, is that a drink that men try less often?

Maybe my favorite product and a digestif for every occasion. Absolutely unisex and actually not focused on men! The ladies in particular are on it. I have been carrying it around for more than 10 years and had the basic idea almost finished in my head. Now the time also fit perfectly. To a large extent, the herbal composition carries my own manuscript.

All three spirits come from a distillery with a long family tradition in Briedel on the Moselle. Why did the choice fall to the Eulenturm?

In my old family pub at the Cafe Lecca at the train station there was a pomace of this distille in the bar. At that time I already liked the special character and taste of the product. When I built the Pur Mosel portal, I came across the same operation again, which was in parallel in the switch to ecological viticulture. The synergy was perfect. The passion with both wine and distillates is very inspiring. We work together excellently.

What distinguishes Timo Stölben and his team here?

Timo is a conviction and, in my opinion, still has a great future in front of him. The whole team is constantly working on the quality of the wine and spirits and prepares the next development steps. The training of Timo in both Geisenheim and in Friuli, Italy, leave a particularly multifaceted signature among the products.

Finally, a quiz question: Which three celebrities are Gin & Tonic Trinker?

Gin has a very British history and has been an indispensable drink in colonial history. As a child, I was told that Queen Mum consumes the drink every day. Since Churchill and Bond were both in the service of this majesty, the enjoyment of this remedy was probably inevitable for both.