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2023 - mein zweites komplettes Winzerjahr auf dem Weg zum Trierer BIO-Winzer

2023 - My second complete winemaker year on the way to the Trier Bio -Winzer

August 1, 2023 - Conclusion: The year 2021 was not a good year due to its permanent moisture to adjust to organic incorporation. Particularly difficult conditions and enormous pressure from fungal diseases led to the loss of half harvest. In 2022, 170 liters of rain in July was terribly dry, but it was not in the ground. Also shit in terms of the crowd ... but the wine - my first cabinet - was simply cool and incredibly motivating for more. In 2023 it should finally show. A super damp winter, a very vigorous spring and a summer that was not too dry, which has brought wonderful land rain with a few strong showers in the last 10 days .... Ideal! A lot of water was stored in the warm floor and the grapes could develop really well for the next few weeks - unless the hail skin in or the rain becomes continuous rain and the fungal diseases will again spive. Fingers crossed!!