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Sommerwein 2022 von PUR Mosel

Summer wine 2022 by Pur Moselle

So you will find the right wine for outside:

Find summer wine with PUR Moselle

Dear red wine drinkers you have to be very strong now! On the sun terrace or the balcony at 25 degrees in the shade, a chilled Riesling tastes better, and ideally a cabinet simply better for lunch.

In addition, the low alcohol content, for example, is often allowed more than just a glass of pleasure in the Riesling cabinet by our winemakers at PUR Moselle (9 to 12 % alcohol). The optimal summer wine therefore has a moderate alcohol content of a maximum of 12 volume and is a white wine or rosé.

What speaks for a white wine under the parasol are the fresh fruit aromas of citrus, apple or peach, as can often be found in a young Riesling. Wonderfully refreshingly a well -chilled wine at a drinking temperature of 8 to 9 degrees. It is always important to ensure that it continues to cool on the table. The temperature rises very quickly, even faster in the glass than in the bottle. The wine cooler whether made of clay or plastic is a mandatory for summer wine. The warmer the wine the less taste and fun in the glass.

Let's get again on the topic of red wine in summer. In the evening, if it has cooled down a bit, there is a juicy beef steak on the grill, yes, then a red fits on the table with a romantic candlelight. Here we recommend our mature Pinot Noir as the ideal grill companion.

Click here for our PUR Moselle summer wines - all cabinet!

3x dry cabinet:

2020 Riesling cabinet "Emilia" Wagner winery von Wohlgemuthheim, Merl

2020 Riesling Kabinett winery Pauly-Bohn, castles

2019 Riesling cabinet "Zeltinger Himmelreich" winery Martin Schömann, Zeltingen


3 x Feinherb cabinet:

2021 Riesling "Kürzer Schlösschen" from the Pur Mosel Weinberg, Trier 2020 Riesling cabinet "Blauschiefer Honigberg" winery Timo Dienhart, Maring-Noviand

2020 Riesling cabinet "Bremmer Calmont", The Climbing Winemakers, Bremm

PS: We have also put together a great terrace-rosé wine package for you at PUR Moselle.

Click here for the rosé package:

Advanced Pinot Noir

Our ultimate red wines for the late summer evening at the grill:

2016 Pinot Noir Edition Klaus Geltz from the Ollinger-Gelz winery, Perl-Sehndorf

https://pur-Moselle.DE/Collections/Wine/Products/Spatburgunder-Dry Edition-2016

2016 Pinot Noir Kaseler Nies´chen from the Dominican winery C. von Nell-Breuning, Kasel