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PUR Mosel die Exklusiv-Kollektion

PUR Moselle The exclusive collection "Alte vines" 2015-2020 by Franz-Josef Eifel

Limited wine package by Franz-Josef Eifel for Pur Moselle

Vertical sample: Trittenheim pharmacy Riesling "old vines" dry

Born in 2015 to 2020 

We have very special wine enjoyment exclusively at PUR Moselle with a vertical sample of six different Riesling wines in the flavors -dry -from six different years. Including two vintages, which are among the best in Germany from the "Feinschmecker" wine magazine. In numerous wine leaders, the Franz-Josef Eifel winery is currently part of the “world leaders”.

What characterizes these wines from the smallest terraces with vines up to 60 years old?

Franz-Josef Eifel:

"The" old vines "dry are the face of our winery. The foundation is 1.5 hectares with around 60 years old vines in the steep slope of the Trittenheim pharmacy. Thanks to our ÖKO viticulture, with which we started after the 2005 land consolidation (since 2010 certified eco-winery), we lay the foundation stone for our philosophy: Low yields of around 45HL/ha are very important. ”

What is the special pleasure of this so -called "vertical rehearsal" from 2015 to 2020?

Franz-Josef Eifel:

"2015: Warm year, healthy grapes perfect ripening at the moment of ideal meal companions, also with red meat or grilled food.

2016: Cool year, healthy grapes, invigorating acid. Number 1 in Germany at the Riesling Cup gourmet.

2017: The year with late frosts, very small yield, crisp acid, great warehouse potential.

2018: The warmest year (exception: 2003), high maturity of the grapes, high sugar content, subtle acidity of particularly harmonious Riesling.

2019er: Can be compared with the 2015 only at a younger stage.

2020: Still very youthful, lively, fruity Riesling, who has already reached his class. 3. Space in Germany at the Riesling Cup gourmet. "

What makes the special charm to drink dry wines with a bottle maturity? 

Franz-Josef Eifel:

"Due to our philosophy: eco-winegrowing, small yields, healthy reading, selection of grapes, fermentation with your own yeast and no beauty in wine, we get wines with an enormous warehouse potential of at least 30 years. Our 1990 Riesling dry is the best evidence. "

How do we get this wonderful vertical rehearsal to present our customers to the "luck"?

Franz-Josef Eifel:

"We take the" old vines "dry from our sale if the existing stock is reduced to below 600 bottles. So we can offer these vertical sample."

The analysis values ​​of the 6 wines (residual sugar RZ / acid S / alcohol %):

  • 2015: 7.8 (Rz) 7.5 (s) 12 %
  • 2016: 9 (margin no) 8 (s) 11.5 %
  • 2017: 9 (margin no) 8.3 (s) 11.5 %
  • 2018: 7.2 (margin no) 7.3 (s) 12 %
  • 2019er: 8 (margin no) 7.8 (s) 12 %
  • 2020s: 7.2 (Rz) 7.8 (s) 11.5 %

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