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Sommelier Marian Henß presents our wines on YouTube

Online wine samples with sommelier Marian Henß

On our YouTube channel we now offer you wine presentations by Sommelier Marian Henß (Purs Andernach). We start with the Rinke winery: 2018 Langsurer Brüderberg Chardonnay "Patience".

Click here for the video:

As a second wine, we present you: "Emilia" - a 2020 Riesling cabinet dry from the Wagner winery from Wohlemuthheim.

Click here for the video:

Wine number three comes from the Eulenturm winery in Briedel. A 2019 Briedeler Schäferlay Riesling Spätlese dry.

Click here for the tasting video with Marian Henß:

Our wine number four comes from the "Climbing Winemakers". A cabinet 2019 Feinherb from the steepest vineyard in Europe to the Bremmer Calmont.

Here is the video for the Bremmer Calmont with Marian Henß:

Our wine number 5 comes from the Ruwertal from the Dominican winery C. von Nell-Breuning. AKaseler Nies'chen, Riesling Spätlese Feinherb 2019.

Click here for the tasting video of the Kaseler Nies´chen with Marian Henß:

We come to the end of our first online wine sample with sommelier Marian Henß. Finally, we try a cabinet with residual sweetness from the Martin Conrad winery. AMülheim Sonnenlay Riesling Kabinett FruchtSweet 2020.

Click here for the video with Marian Henß and his tasting note:

Now join in live!

You can also be "live" on February 6th from 6:00 p.m. Then we try organic wines together in this order:

  • Steffens-Keß winery ("Burger Hahenhrittchen" Riesling dry) from Reil.
  • Winery Clemens Busch ("From Red Slate" Riesling dry) from Pünderich.
  • Winery Martin Schömann ("Zeltinger Sonnenuhr", Riesling Kabinett Feinherb) from Zeltingen.

You can order the trial package directly with this link online in our shop:

You then get 3x2 wines from each winery at a price of 65 euros plus shipping costs.

We are also happy about a subscription from you for our PUR Mosel YouTube channel.