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Leidenschaftlich für Veränderung - die Mosel wird BIO

Passionate for change - the Moselle becomes bio

`What the fuck´ is organic wine? How do you differentiate between conventional viticulture from ecological viticulture? Facts, facts, facts….

What is biodynamic? When are wines vegan? And why will the ecologically sustainable wine massively influence the future for the Moselle? There are answers to many questions here. Step by Step ....

Among us ... Sometimes I don't know the answers myself yet. But I will find out the answers and raise many new questions: try it out, ask through questions, through intensive experience and try .-. With passion for the Moselle.

Our PUR Mosel vineyard project and our nature conservation activities -how everything started and how everything will be….

"Why didn't I want to develop a pure sales portal? Because the passion for drinking wine and selling wine was too little for me! ”….

I wanted to suffer myself - suffer and experience what it means to manage their own vineyard - with friends. Implement a piece of solidarity, so to speak: in the community of like -minded people and in harmony with nature ... not perfect ... but better with every month ... Perhaps also a future model for the Moselle and the four thousand hectares that have been broke for years. The Moselle needs new winegrowers, new models and management methods. Together with "Vatti" and like -minded people, I make my way ...