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Vattis Weinblog

Vattis Weinblog

Understand wine, enjoy wine, love wine ... from the organic winemaker.
Weinmundwerker and graduate journalist Thomas Vatheuer tells and asks ... at the winemaker, with wine tourists, with sommeliers and at lay people. He visits romantic Moseldörfer and stands in Riesling parts. Everyone has their say here: insiders and wine groupies, distant exotic and real Moselle oxen.


Today I would like to tell you something about my "wine cinema in my head". No now no film recession comes over a Hollywood canvas adventure. I discover in the corona clockdown or currently in the impending "emergency brake", a new medium that I have some replacement satisfaction for a lack of direct contacts with winemakers and wine enjoyments gazed.

Ever heard of "podcast"?

So get on the podcast! According to Wikipedia, a series of mostly subscribable media files (audio or video) on the Internet. Or for me as an occasional radio reporter, the spoken word for longer than a minute and 30 seconds, mostly in the form of an interview. Now I would like to tell you my clear favorites that IMostly listen to my trim bike when I remove my kilometers in the bedroom at the open window. It is the audio podcast by Daniel Bayer "understand" wine. On the Internet you can find the listening experiences at the address www.wein-ver Currently primarily recorded via zoom meeting.

A Upper Palatinate with a sense of wine

Wine is his passion and passion, by the way, two properties that Daniel Bayer combine with us here on Pur Moselle. The “Upper Palatinate” from Weiden in Bavaria worked in a vinotheque for 15 years and trained at the internationally recognized Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Of course, this also includes numerous visits to the trade fair and wine tasting across many wine -growing regions.

What I particularly like about the interviews with the winegrowers is the high empathy of Daniel Bayer. He listens and develops new exciting questions from the answers. He always manages to convey the philosophy of the winery and the quality of the wines in a charming way, even if we cannot try out the wines presented. Daniel takes us on the content of exciting wine travel to the Moselle or South Tyrol and deliberately dispenses with technical insider knowledge.  

Our organic winegrowers in conversation with "understand wine"

What I particularly like in this context is his personal preference for organic venue. In his postcast series you can also experience two our PUR Moselle winegrowers informative and entertaining, sorry: Clemens Busch and Thorsten Melsheimer.

He spoke to Clemens Busch about horn manure and the right way in eco -installation (attention: takes 1 hour and 35 minutes!). In simple words, he had the term pet Nat or Pétrillant Naturel explained by Thorsten Melsheimer.

PS: Here at Pur Moselle there is exclusively the 2018 "Rural" Riesling Pétnat by Thorsten Melsheimer! So listen to my tip podcast and enjoy a bottle of "rural". And at this point a small announcement. Of course we have already telephoned with Daniel Bayer and plan an online wine test with him. So look forward to new sensory impressions. Soon on Pur Moselle ...