Customers in the Trier city area are supplied free of charge if possible

Wanted! BIO-Winzer und Umstellungsbetriebe gesucht!

Wanted! Looking for organic winemakers and conversion companies!

Pur Moselle is not a sales portal for South African red wines, Chinese Merlots or Palatinate Rieslings. Here is only Moselle - fully on the twelve.

Pur Moselle wants to be a platform for ecologically producing winemakers and those who want to become one. As an additional marketing aid in the difficult phase of the changeover, PUR Moselle wants to consciously support the offspring of the Öko-Winzer. Even if the goods are still "conventional" in this three -year transition period until the certification: the first step is done and deserves support! For these transformers, we have developed our own signet, which marks the transformors in the shop. We will celebrate every winemaker who successfully completes this change - promised!

At the beginning we were able to start six winemakers with a setup. And we are particularly proud of this and the input we got from you for this project. But the next winemakers will follow soon. And if you feel overlooked, you are welcome to contact us so that the PUR Moselle Community grows quickly and thrives - sustainable!