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Mein erstes Jahr als Winzer: Es ist mal wieder spät geworden...

My first year as a winemaker: it got late again ...

After more than a good six months, working in the vineyard deserves a first re -reading ... before reading ... Hopefully it will come soon!

Weinberg is work, a lot of work ... Steep slope even more and organic it makes it even more difficult. But I am satisfied with the work result because I get an imaginary additional point for my natural work - and that counts.

2021 is a special year through its water quantities and the distribution over the first seven months. But first of all. After the first few weeks and months in which the vineyard was disposed of by the old wood and supplemented with 600 new vines, it went with a lot of amazement and disillusionment in the first experience of plant protection. No herbicides and pesticides to be used and develop a feeling of when a prospective organic winemaker should use the few weapons that he has available is a daily task. One or the other infection was a surprise that I would have liked to save us. The vineyard becomes a family and the vines are the toddlers that are permanently payable. With love and a lot of care; And without BASF and Bayer chemistry. And so it goes over the summer, which ensures extreme growth and lets everything sprout, even though we had adjusted to extreme dry periods. The flowering plants and herbs that we have sown offer us postcard motifs during work. Also such a wage that cannot be weighed with money. But now we have to pay attention to the possible yield. Because with all ecology, the economy has to go 100%: Ultimately, the vineyard has to bring sales that the work is worth again next year. With an overall too low price level for organic wine.

It will be late again this evening, because after all the manual work in the Wingert, the office work also demands the winemaker. Especially since I officially started eco-certification for the vineyard in early July. But sometimes paper also has to be patient and wait until dinner with a glass of bioWein.