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Alexander and Marion Rinke

In 2006, the career changers, Marion and Alexander Rinke, vineyards took over in a location that almost nobody knew at the time. Langsurer Brüderberg is called the steep, partly terraced area of ​​2.5 hectares between hedgehogs and water. A fallow gem on the shell limestone, provided with great potential. The duo has revived this formerly planted gem, completely cleared and planted with Chardonnay predominantly old Burgundian genetics and a few supplementary grapes (white, gray belt, nutmeg, Gewürztraminer).
This leads together to the "mixed sentence" or mixed set of the Langsurer Brüderberg. The wines of the Langsur Brüderberg in this way are reminiscent of Chablis and other appelations of the northern Burgundy, without being copies. In every white wine from the Langsurer Brüderberg you can taste the exoticism of the "mixed sentence", so to speak a Chardonnay "with a shot".

Since 2015, the two have also been managing a few steep slopes on the Saar, again with a focus on forgotten large locations. The wine locations on the Saar in the Oberemmeler Altenberg, Wiltinger Klosterberg and Wiltinger Braunfels have a high existence of old vines that are between 50 and 60 years old. Their genetic diversity, coupled with low yields, are a guarantee of top-class wines with typical Saar styles. The Saar-Wines by Marion and Alex Rinke (mostly Riesling, but also Pinot Noir Pinot Noir) and the very rare early builder (Pinot Madeleine/Pinot Noir Précoce) are characterized by excitement, finesse and elegance. As one of very few wineries on the Moselle, the two were managed on shell limestone and slate.