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Caspari-Kappel winery

The winery is located in Enkirch an der Mittelmosel, in the immediate vicinity of the Art Nouveau city of Traben-Trarbach. “Picturesque half -timbered houses and narrow winding“ streets ”shape our home village as well as our impressive vineyards with their differentiated and breathtaking geography. One of these historical premium layers is the Trabener Gaispfad. Here our ancestor Caspar from the Mönchhof (Lehensherr der Count Sponheim) already operated in 1490 viticulture, ”says Nico Caspari and further:“ He is the namesake of the Caspari family and the sponsor of our company seed. Since 2011 the estate has been in the current form of us, Nico Caspari (photo left) and Uwe Jostock (photo on the right). "

The sustainable, biological economy is the focus of the work in the Bio winery Caspari-Kappel. This means responsible handling of water and soil, flora and fauna. Nico Caspari says: “We are convinced that only a healthy soil grows a healthy, resistant vine. It is the medium between the much -cited terroir and the human senses. It absorbs all the influences of its surroundings and stores them in the grape. The result is vibrating-mineral wines of incomparable quality. All of our wines are from ecological cultivation and vegan. "

Nico Caspari and Uwe Jostock run the Caspari-Kappel winery in Enkirch.