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Christina Andrae

In 2017, Christina Andrae's organic house was launched in addition to the parents' company in Ernst on the Terrassenmosel. With the 2020 vintage, the first certified range of wines was presented directly as a biowein. With the conviction and after three years of preparation, the first wines are already characterized by their own aroma. Terrace winegrowing in organic means a lot of manual work and passion to the slate and the vine. For Christina Andrae to work organically, to constantly adapt your own processes in order not to have a negative impact on the environment. In addition, there is the realization that the vine regulates a lot on its own, as well as observing the wines in fermentation, but not necessarily to be controlled.

After studying wine and work in various wineries (organic and not organic), Christina Andrae decided to return to the Moselle. In everything she has seen nationally and internationally in these companies, Christina recognized the great potential of the terrace moselle. This includes the small businesses, the unique landscape and the unique floors.