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Clemens Busch

... the lighthouse for the organic wine on the Moselle.

The Clemens Busch winery is located in the picturesque Pünderich at the beginning of the terrace moselle. Since 1986, Rita and Clemens Busch have been working here according to the strict criteria of the controlled ecological viticulture, supplemented by biodynamic economy since 2006. In the meantime, son Johannes supports the parents in the 17 hectare family business. 

With its various slate formations, the slopes of the Pünderich Marienburg location offer an ideal basis for particularly individual Rieslings. In addition to the gray weathering slate, the blue and even rare red slate can also be found in some plots. 

The floor is the basis for the growth of the vines, so special attention is paid to a healthy soil structure with good rooting and healthy humus content in the winery. Regular loosening is important here, sometimes by tedious manual work. Biodynamic preparations increase the vitality of soil and plants. The vines are kept healthy by preventive use on a vegetable or mineral basis. 

What begins in the vineyard is consistently continued in the basement. Gentle grape processing, waiver of any beautiful fittings and pure breeding yeasts and long fermentation times in the fuder barrel are just a few cornerstones. The long yeast contact in particular gives the wines of Clemens Busch a special complexity and stability. The must from each vineyard is expanded separately in order to be able to highlight the individual peculiarities of the best plots. This creates wines of unique characteristics and with great potential for the future. 

  • Member of the VDP since 2007 
  • Since 2008 member of the Renaissance group of the appellation (biodynamically working wineries) 
  • Member of the Respect Biodyn group since 2015 

Mr Clemens Busch

...the lighthouse for organic wine on the Moselle.

Mr Clemens Busch