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Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning

Since 1670 and thus for 350 years, the family of Nell-Breuning is devoted to the art of viticulture on the slate parts of Moselle and Ruwer. In the 11th generation, Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning continues this tradition and heads the family's Dominican winery in Ruwertal. Only elegant Riesling white wines and Riesling sect as well as fine fruity Pinot Noir red wines are generated in careful manual work.

In the third year, the vineyards and in the basement work according to biodynamic principles. Mineral and delicate wines of unmistakable taste are created on Devon slate in top layers in the Ruwertal. The Kaseler Dominicanberg is a monopoly location in the sole ownership of the family and with the Kaseler Nies´chen, the Dominican winery has a premium location with a world call.

Biodynamic principles have been working since 2019. “The biodynamy gives us more freedom and inner peace. It confirms us in our actions and helps us to get to know our vineyards, our wines and ultimately better, ”explains Dr. Carmen von Nell-Breuning and adds: "Biodynamic viticulture can be understood as an ecological viticulture that is supplemented by an anthroposophical approach." The biodynamy places the highest demands on the work in the vineyard. Instead of technology and chemistry, special expertise, a high degree of intuition and intensive experience in the vineyard are required by the winemaker (and the winemaker). 10 Shropshire sheep moves into the Dominicanberg of the Kaseler for over five months. The sheep keep the grass briefly between the vineyards and break the monoculture viticulture during the winter months. In spring it goes back to the pasture.

As the oldest sparkling wine manufacturer in the Ruwertal, Riesling sect are produced exclusively after traditional bottle fermentation with multi-year-old yeast warehouse. All Riesling sect come from the monopolate, the Kaseler Dominicanberg.