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Franz-Josef Eifel winery

As early as 1985, Franz-Josef Eifel took over the winery from his father in the fourth generation and at that time had a clear idea of ​​his future wines. According to the motto: "Nothing is more constant than change", he has the goal of creating a pure, clear and filigree Moselle Rieslings - every year under changing conditions. To this day, his motto is: "In the glass, for which I, my family and my team work 365 days a year, give unmistakable enjoyment and joy."

The majority of his wines come from the location of Trittenheim's pharmacy and grows on small terraces with up to 100 years old vines in difficult to access steep slopes. Even the Reblaus was too strenuous to get into the rugged terraces, which is why root -right vines are also managed here.

As an ecologically certified winery (Ecovin), the Franz -Josef team works with the colleagues Uhu, Falke, Bussard and lizard for - and not against - nature. As a gift, there are healthy, ripe grapes in autumn, the energy of which can later be tasted in the glass. After strict manual work and selection, the experienced organic winemaker in the basement relies on "controlled doing nothing" - spontaneous fermentation with the natural yeasts without additives, beauty or modern cellar technology. In numerous wine leaders, the winery is currently part of the “world leaders”. His organic wines can be found regularly in the foremost places in tasting competitions.