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Harald Steffens & Marita Kess

Because we do not want to burden our vineyards, the vines and wine with toxic or questionable fabrics, we have been operating ecological viticulture since 1982. We maintain our vines from the ecological point of view and under the control of the Ecovin Association. We let the "natural product" grape juice mature as naturally as possible.

In our vineyards there is a wide variety of biodiversity of plants and living things. Because the richer and more diverse life here is, the more healthier and more resistant the vine grows. That is why we treat our floors very gently. We only fertilize with compost, rock flours, crap, straw and other organic material and thus increase soil fertility. The greening of the soil with wild herbs also promotes the variety of plants in the vineyard. These plants provide nutrients for our vines and they reduce the susceptibility of the monoculture vine for pests and diseases. In this intact ecosystem of our vineyards, pests only occur to a reasonable level. Nature helps itself if the balance of beneficial lines and pests is right.

With gently looking herbal broths, herbal jaunts and stone flour, we fight the fungal diseases, which are also the greatest danger to the vine in an ecologically edited vineyard.

The basic prerequisite for good quality of the wine is - in addition to a good location and a good grape variety - the restriction of harvesting. With the absence of large harvest quantities, we achieve the maximum quality for our Riesling wines. Tradition and a lot of experience benefit from the expansion of our wines. With a combination of the most modern "know -how" and proven traditional techniques, we create high -quality wines.

After the selective wine harvest, the grapes are gently pressed. The musts are strictly separated according to their origin. In this way, the differences in the individual wines, their layer and variety character are preserved. The further treatment takes place as gently as possible. The wines ripen almost exclusively in oak barrels and are bottled without subsequent sweetening. They are usually dry.

Harald Steffens Marita Kleß

Harald Steffens Marita Kleß