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Martin Conrad

As a conversion company, the master of winegrowers Martin Conrad has been pursuing the goal of organic viticulture in line with nature according to the ecological principles in the steep slope since 2019. In 1558 the winery was first mentioned in a document and is now managed by Martin Conrad in the 14th generation as a family business with a vineyard area of ​​around six hectares.

"We want to create strong and elegant organic wines that reflect the special properties of the respective terroir in an unadulterated way," says Martin Conrad. In practice, this means a lot of manual work in soil processing and nature -friendly spray sequences. “The respective location with its climatic and geological peculiarities in the floor structure and in the water balance flow into the character of our wines. The gentler I edit my vineyard, the more finer and more intensely these individual structures come to light in our wines, ”says Conrad.

Martin Conrad manages renowned slate sections with a world call on the Moselle with the Brauneberger Juffer and the Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr. They are among the "Grand Cru" of the Moselle and are known and desired far beyond Germany. The key to the top wines from these top layers is also the optimization of the sheet-fruit ratio of the vines. In conjunction with a careful vinification of the grapes, an incomparable aroma and fruitiness of the respective terroir, characterized by the original Devon slate floor, succeeds in reproducing almost genuine in wine.

Martin Conrad feels very connected to nature and the environment as a person and winemaker and relies on an ecologically sensible and sustainable balance between viticulture and environmental protection - of course also in the basement, where the addition of pure breeding yeasts, enzymes and beautiful funds is dispensed with in order to make natural complexity to underline his wines.

In our PUR Moselle online shop we also offer other top wines from Seinentop-Plants Mühlheimer Sonnenlay and Veldenzer Kirchberg.

The Martin Conrad winery is a member of the Bernkasteler Ring.

Martin Conrad

Martin Conrad