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Michael Wagner von Wohlemuthheim

The winery in Merl has been on a family hand in Merl since 1719. Focus on Rieslings from the Merler steep and steep locations. In 2020 the Wagner winery from Wohlgemuthheim started organic certification. The foundation forms blue and gray floors and the terroir-typical terroir. Mostly old, up to 100 years of vines, in individual parlors and younger systems between 20 and 40 years, give the winemaker the opportunity to give different grape breasts a personal handwriting.

The changeover to ecological management forms the basis for healthy soils, vines and handling for happy grapes. The principles are in wine expansion: presses, sedimentation under cold, storage for fermentation, and then a lot of time. No types of wine, beauties, no corrections, no aids. No filtration when producing the line with Isaac wines. The slender base wines are removed in the stainless steel, the layer wines and the ISAAC range mature tire under oxygen in large and small oak barrels.