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Our vineyard: a gift from nature in Trier


The Sankt Maximiner Kreuzberg

Our vineyard comes from the monastery of the Benedictines from the sacred sacrament and belongs to the "Bethanien monastery" in Trier. The vines, which are over 30 years old, are spread over a hectare in an exposed steep south slope. Its biological diversity characterizes the vineyard with its orchards, a spring fountain and beehive in the Trier district of Kürz. The first floor analyzes are promising because the slope has a healthy layer of humus between the individual vineyards with natural greening.

With our winegrowers at eye level

We gain our own experiences in organic winegrowing with our ecologically managed vineyard from around a hectare. We are the first producers in the city of Trier to manage the Sankt Maximiner Kreuzberg in Trier-Kürzen, an old vineyard from monastery ownership.

At the beginning there is a sustainable compost industry for us. With horse compost we fertilize our vineyard and thus put the floor structure in the foreground as a central principle. We rely on manual work in the steeplace from a cut in winter, overnight in spring and summer, to the wine harvest in autumn.

With our own hands, we want to experience work ourselves what it means to produce organic wine. The steeplont in the heart of the city is an ecological gem and we run nature and landscape maintenance here. For this reason, in addition to our vineards, we also work on a orchard with bee colonies, herbal plants and many other beneficiaries for a biological diversity and sustainability in Sankt Maximin Kreuzberg.