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Simon Ollinger

Perl, the only viticulture community in the Saarland, is located on the southern wine moselle between Trier and Metz and in the Dreiländereck Germany-France-Luxemburg. Here is not the basis for the vineyard floors here. This has a crucial influence on the grape varieties: Instead of Riesling, the Ollinger family cultivates mainly burgundy on 14 hectares of vineyards.

In 1980 Willi and Inge Ollinger took over the family winery of (in-law) father Klaus Gelz, who converted the former agricultural mixed company into a winery in the 1960s. The winery has been bio -certified and a member of Ecovin since 2001. After studying at the Neustadt wine campus, Simon Ollinger has been working in the family business since 2014.

In the vineyard, the focus is clearly on quality: Many handicraft steps help to create the best growth conditions for the vines. A variety of greening offers many small helpers a living and retreat and provides the vines valuable organic nutrients. According to the selective handling, the grapes are gently pressed and the wines spontaneously fermented. The maturation with the natural yeast particularly gives the layered wines and the edition Klaus Gelz a complex, multi-layered aroma, an intensive mouthfeel and a great potential for storage and genus.