Customers in the Trier city area are supplied free of charge if possible

The Climbing Winemakers

Her motto: "3 friends, 1 mountain and 70 -year -old vines!" In the heart of the steepest vineyard in Europe, the Bremmer Calmont, managing a vineyard with 70 -year -old Riesling vines. The vineyard is terraced and is crossed by ancient dry stone walls. That means 100% manual work from a cut to the grape harvest. Leon Heimes, Martin von Sikorski and Philipp Franzen are a team. Together, the three share their enthusiasm for the steep slopes and the preservation of this unique cultural landscape on the terrace moselle.

Your wines are only spontaneously fermented in stainless steel tanks and remain on the yeast for as long as possible. Unnecessary wine treatment is dispensed with: The maxim is that the foundation stone is laid for great wines in the vineyard.