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Thorsten Melsheimer

"As a farmer, you are directly responsible for a small piece of earth. To cultivate it and keep it in good quality for the next generation is your job. No more - and no less!" This quote from Winzer Thorsten Melsheimer from Reil describes in just a few words why he has become organic winemakers.

For five generations, the Melsheimer family has been growing fine (Riesling) wines around Reil on the Moselle. The ecologically responsible care and development of our steep and steep locations has long been our special concern. Only 5 % of the slopes are considered to be steeply located - and thus as a particularly valuable cultural asset - even on the Moselle. With us, they make up around half of the area: Riesling grows almost exclusively in them, because for wines of this grape variety the Moselle has been famous for centuries, and many connoisseurs believe that they provide their most completed results here.

In traditional, complex and with a lot of passion, we create filigree, highly aromatic plants and excellent sect; Ecologically since 1995, Demeter®-D certified since 2013.

Mr Thorsten Melsheimer

Mr Thorsten Melsheimer