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Timo Dienhart

His wines are 100 % organic! The claim is high: to continuously produce high top quality sustainable, biological and CO2-neutral and thus exceed the organic, ecovin, delinate, & demeter standards. Its basis is the knowledge and experience of 10 generations and the further development of the wines through the latest processes and technology. All wines have been organic and ecovin-certified since 1995 and are produced vegan.

Timo Dienhart has successively adopted the winery in Maring-Noviand in Maring-Noviand since 2002 from his parents Hans and Maria Dienhart. His parents gave the estate from the start to quality -focused bottle wine. Together with several employees, work is sustainable and in harmony with nature. In practice, this means loving handwork in the vineyard and the harvest. Uncompromising precision in the basement combined with the knowledge and experience of nature, grape and voter. This creates high -quality top wines in which every location and every year are expressed in terms of taste.