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Volker Pazen winery

Biological viticulture with sustainably characteristic wines is the destination in the Bio-Weingut Volker Pazen in Zeltingen-Rachtig on the Moselle. This is made possible to comply with high quality criteria according to the guidelines of biological viticulture. “In addition to climate change, the loss of biological diversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The gentle handling of our environment and the available resources determines our work in the vineyard, ”says Volker Pazen. The organic winemaker also accepts lower yields and a higher workload to produce digestible wines.

The operation has been bio-certified since 2015 and after the three-year change phase, all wines have been provided with the EU bio seal since 2018. All wines come from their own vineyards and come from the location of Zeltingen Himmelreich. With a wide variety of different grape varieties, the winery against climate change is well positioned. In addition to the Riesling, Chardonnay, Red Riesling, Volker Pazen has been producing very exciting wines with mushroom -resistant grape varieties, the so -called Piwis for several years. For example, the winemaker works with the Souvignier Gris grape variety, which does not require to minimal crop protection. The interesting playful wines are very filigree, but also complex fabric and are similar to the white or gray belt underdone. "For me, the Souvignier Gris is the best alternative for environmentally friendly viticulture," says Volker Pazen, who also expands Regent as a further Piwi grape variety.