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Winery Dr. Frey

The winery of Cord-Henrich Treseler and Katharina Frey-Treseler is located in the middle of the so-called "Saarwein Island" in Kanzem. As early as 1889, the winery was from the ancestors

Heinrich-Joseph Patheiger from Trier acquired and managed. After decades of leasing, it is continued as a family business today with a high quality standards of ecological viticulture. "Our claim is the production of qualitatively valuable wines, such as those created in the small climate and on the characteristic slate floors of our vineyards," says Cord-Henrich Treseler as an organic winemaker.

Since 1994 the Dr. Frey on the use of chemical-synthetic crop protection and fertilizers. Users are encouraged with a blossom -rich greening and the natural soil fertility is preserved. Since 2006, the winery has been checked annually by an eco-inspection point and is a member of the Ecovin cultivation association. With Riesling and Pinot Blanc, two “Saar typical” grape varieties are grown, which are optimally adapted to the ground and climate conditions in the steep slopes of the Saar. In addition, work is used with new mushroom -resistant grape varieties (PIWIS) such as Sauvignac, Donauriesling and Pinoin.

The main situation of the winery is the Wawerner Jesuitenberg, whose floors were made from red, iron-containing slate and quartzite rock. The areas on the Kanzemer Sonnenberg are oriented southwest. Here the vines grow on gray plants and get warming sun rays until the evening. The layers of Schodener Saarbenser and parts of the Wiltinger snake trench are located on the "Free" Saar. Steeps to the river sloping slopes and lighter, fast, rapidly warming soil give these wines an unmistakable character.

The wines from the Dr. Frey awarded Eco-Winner among the best organic wines from the Ecovin cultivation association. There was also currently gold, 4x gold and 1x silver in 2022: 1x gold, 4x gold and 1x silver in 2022: 1x.