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Winery Dr. wagner

For 5 generations, the Wagner family, the best slate parts of the Saar, has been having a painstakingly handicraft as during start -up times. Steep slopes, old Riesling vines in traditional individual parade education, manual work in the vineyard, gentle, selective, manual reading, expansion in the traditional wooden barrel of the fuder - 100 percent.


In one sentence, winzer Christiane Wagner describes her quality philosophy: "Tradition is the basis, continuity and renewal is trump card!" After completing her studies at the University of Applied Sciences Geisenheim in "Wine and Oenology", she took over the parental winery in 2009. “Some things have happened since then, but we have always remained true to our style in the vineyard, basement as well as with the Riesling wines and sects. Considered modernizations, further developments and conscious, moderate use of new technology have come to do so without throwing the traditional man overboard, ”said Christiane Wagner. The winery has been in the transfer to ecological viticulture since 2021.

Best plots in the Saarburger Rausch, in the Saarburger Kupp, in Laureniusberg in Saarburger and the Ockfener Bockstein are the capital in the Dr. Wagner to produce more elegant, lighter, lively Saar -Riesling wines and sect. In addition to first-class wine, there has been the 1st Saar Riesling sparkling wine since the beginning of the 20th century. The Wagner family demonstrably brought the sparkling wine to the Saar. Adolf Wagner, the son of the founder of the winery Josef Heinrich Wagner, began to experiment with the Saar-Riesling after studies in the champagne and was the first to take a continuous sparkling wine production at the Saar around 1908, which Christiane Wagner continues to this day.

 Winzer Christiane Wagner in the wooden barrel cellar from the Dr. Wagner in Saarburg.

View of the top wine mountain locations in Saarburg.