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Auxerrois Marienberg dry

Auxerrois Marienberg dry

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Artikelnummer: 2022-1-008-0048

Grundpreis: €19,73 / 1 l

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Vegan product

Auxerrois Marienberg dry 2020

The Sehndorf Marienberg is shaped by stony shell limestone rock - the burgundy varieties thrive on this floor. This layer wine inspires with its clear fruitiness and its typical auxerrois aroma of mature pineapple and Mirabelle. It accompanies perfectly light dishes with light meat or classic quiche. Anyone who likes Queen has the perfect companion here!

Content/fl: 0.75 liters
Alcohol content: 12,5 %
Rest sugar: 2.7 gr/l
Acid: Sulfite keeps 4.8 gr/lent

winery Ollinger-Gelz, Perl-Sehndorf

Organic control point DE-ÖKO-003
Member Association Ecovin