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Riesling Weinessig 0.5l

Riesling Weinessig 0.5l

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Artikelnummer: 2021-1-006-0057

Grundpreis: €19,80 / 1 l

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Bio Riesling wine vinegar

The non -alcoholic recommendation for the salad

A speciality:
Riesling wine vinegar, made with the traditional surface fermentation. Only selected wines from healthy grapes are used for the wine vinegar. With the addition of vinegar bacteria, this develops after months of fermentation and maturation of the wine vinegar, whereby the alcohol of the wine is converted into acetic acid. All dining is expanded without any additives from sugar, sugarcoleur, aroma substances and bacterial nutrients. Then it is filled with germ -free and cold. This also promotes durability and digestibility.

The acidity of a wine vinegar must be at least 6%. Fluctuating and higher acidity are due to nature. The acid is not diluted with water as usual. Therefore, the acidity can also be 8%. This should not be a reason for you. Look forward! You save money because you need to put on the dishes. In addition, by avoiding water additions, all natural and valuable mineral and aroma substances of the original wine are preserved.

Incidentally, wine vinegar is not only suitable for salads and sauces, but also for rounding off soups and stews, meat and game dishes, as well as desserts and drinks. Use wine vinegar wherever you want a hearty and sour taste. Let your creativity take over your mind and body.

PUR Moselle rating:
If winegrowers not only master wine but also other products, it will also be exciting - on the Moselle ...!

Content/fl: 0.5 liters
Acid 7%

winery Steffens-Kess, Reil
Organic control point DE-ÖKO-003
Member of Ecovin